Linda Briggs Cosmetic Surgery in Tunisia


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Cosmetic Surgery in Tunisia




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Hospital in Tunis,

Tunis - Capital city





  • London Heathrow to Tunis
  • Manchester to Monastir
  • Glasgow to Enfidha
  • Transfers arranged in Tunisia
  • Or tell Linda about your package holiday and let her organise your surgery to fit.

Linda Briggs cosmetic surgery in Tunisia Independent Cosmetic Surgery Adviser

Linda Briggs in Tunisia
for your Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery overseas or abroad.  General and Obesity surgery and much more

Cosmetic surgery and a variety of general surgery abroad in Tunisia

Cosmetic surgery  
Face lifting, Breast implants, uplifts or reductions, Lipo, Tummy tucks & surgery after weight loss

Specialist Ocular Plastic Surgeon | All eye lifting or Blepharoplasty

Ophthalmic Surgeon | Lasik, Lasek, Cataracts, Anything to do with vision

General & orthopaedic surgery | Hips & knees, Hernias, Health checks

Obesity surgery | Gastric bands

And just for the ladies | Also available with lady gynaecologists.  Designer Vaginas, and all other gynaecology including smear testing

Linda Briggs introduced you to Tunisia in 2004, after discovering it was a good option for the discerning French patient looking for cosmetic or general surgery overseas or abroad.

Since then it has grown to be a popular venue for British patients for cosmetic and general surgery abroad and we are now able to offer a range of cosmetic and general surgery procedures and prices to suit your budget.

As a result of our success, other organisations now offer similar services.  However, be aware not all offer the same high standards that are available through Linda Briggs for your treatment abroad.

Prices are no cheaper if you make direct contact with the surgeons or clinics overseas as Linda Briggs has a lot of buying power and negotiates the best rates.  Linda Briggs is happy to make all arrangements for your cosmetic and general surgery overseas at no extra cost to the patient.

Linda Briggs visits Tunisia often and is happy to give support and help to patients.

See what Tunisia offers for your cosmetic surgery overseas/abroad
Contact Linda Briggs

Read Christine's story about her new boobs from Tunisia.

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